Friday, 28 July 2017

Top of the Lake

                In the absence of the life drawing sessions during the summer break, myself and a few other class members have got together to paint/draw/chat about art and whatever!
               This time we met at this lakeside to attempt to capture in totally different styles the tree canopies and still qualities of this unique setting.
                                                     Jonny and Magda at work
Magda working with watercolour
Despite the mixed weather we were able to spend a couple of hours before
the rains came.
Dave painting with acrylics
Dave's "makeshift studio" as the rain started
Brian working with charcoal
Early evening sunlight through the tree canopy
Jonny decides to multi-task by eating a sandwich whilst carrying on painting!
"Steps to the Lake"- 10"x10" mixed media on paper

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