Thursday, 7 June 2012

Lawrence Durrell

I've been reading/researching the life and work of the novelist,essayist and poet, Lawrence Durrell who lived , in the 1930's on the Greek island of Corfu.As I'll be visiting Corfu later in the year it was interesting to read Durrell's account of his simple way of life brought vividly to life in his book "Prospero's Cell".
Durrell writes in a beautiful descriptive way about the island and it's inhabitants and the life enjoyed by himself and his then wife Nancy.

"And now the stars are shining down frostblown and taut upon this pure Euclidian surface.It is so still that we have dinner under the cypress tree to the light of a candle.And after it,while we are drinking coffee and eating grapes on the edge of the mirror a wind comes:and the whole of heaven stirs and trembles- a great branch of blossoms melting and swaying. Then as the candle draws breath and steadies everything hardens slowly back into the image of a world in water, so that Theodore can point into the water at our feet and show us the Pleiades burning."

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