Sunday, 29 April 2018

"Scandinavia" - Part One - Sweden

               There's a thick fog around the airport. I'm sat in the departure lounge looking
               at the electronic board as a number of flights are already cancelled.

               I'm on my way to Sweden  for a long weekend and hoping that my flight
               will be delayed  and not cancelled completely. Eventually we take off and
               arrive at Copenhagen airport in Denmark one hour behind schedule.

              I'm met by Sven who drives us across the Oresund bridge from Denmark to
              Sweden and on to the small town of Vellinge.

              The following day we drive North ,we're heading for the nature reserve at
              Kullaberg. After Helsinborg , the ferry port between Sweden and Denmark,
              we pass through the small villages of Viken, Hoganas and Molle and on to
              the promontory of Kullaberg, glimpsing the coast line of Denmark all the way.

                                                           "Kullaberg nature reserve"



"rough cuts" for possible acrylic paintings
At Kullaberg we walk to the lighthouse, the sun glinting on the sea and
the woods seeing the first green shoots of Spring. This rocky headland is
a haven for wildlife and I make some sketches and notes and take a few
We return to the fishing village of Molle and, after lunch at the Grand Hotel,
walk to the harbour. Only a few sailing boats are moored there as it's still early
in the year. One couple were lying on the deck of their boat wrapped in scarves,
hats and coats against the chilly wind, but basking in the Spring sunshine. 
I sketch and photograph the terracotta roofed houses rising up the hill in this
small peaceful village and by late afternoon we leave to return to Vellinge .
                                                            "Harbour at Molle"

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